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Interested in becoming certified as a California Hospital Inspector?

Code Compliance Training offers seminars over 10 weeks to prepare individuals to take the State of California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) Hospital Inspector Certification Exam.

Interested in understanding the code requirements for hospitals in the State of California?

If you are in the Hospital Building Industry as a Contractor, Architect, Engineer, Construction Manager or Owner, these seminars are also helpful to understanding what the process is and what the requirements are to look for in California Healthcare Construction.

What we offer:


Introduction to the California OSHPD requirements, review of the responsibilities of Owner, Contractor, Architect and Inspector of Record will be covered.

The OSHPD Hospital Inspector Certification Exam consists of Multiple Choice Questions based on 2 parts:

  • Code Questions consist from the California Administrative Code (Chapter 7), California Building Codes and Referenced Standards.
  • Plan Reading will test the individual’s ability to understand and read a set of construction documents for a Healthcare Project.

In order to pass the exam, a minimum of 75% is required in each discipline of architectural (which include accessibility and fire life safety), mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural (including anchorage of non-structural components as well as understanding the administrative part of the code.

Code Compliance Training seminars help the individual to prepare for all parts of the exam. Seminars covered highlight the important parts of the code, weekly quizzes are provided. A mock midterm and final exam is provided to simulate the conditions at the OSHPD Certification Exam. A sample set of construction documents, with practice questions are provided in order to practice for the Plan Reading portion of the exam.

Complimentary review of Application - For those who enroll in the full 10-week course, you will receive a complimentary review of your application prior to submitting to OSHPD. This will save the applicant time to get  approved the first time in and making sure you have all necessary documentation prior to submitting.

* Those who are located in Northern California, San Diego or cannot attend due to schedule conflicts may attend the class via Webinar. Please call or e-mail for more information.



Interested in Self-study? For those who may already have taken the exam, prefer to study at their own pace or are unable to attend the 10-week seminar, CCT now offers online self study quizzes and self-study plan review.

Follow this link to see sample online questions. CLICK HERE


Home study plans are also offered to study the plan review portion of the exam. CCT provides questions and  a proposed solution covering the architectural, fire-life safety, structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing portions of the plan reading exam. A set of half size drawings are provided along with a mock exam which include 50 code questions and 50 plan questions.

For those already Class A Certified:

A discounted rate is available for eligible Class A Certified Inspectors, whose certification has not expired. A valid certification number is required. Please e-mail for details.